Meet Cherie Teamer, Attorney at Law

dm7a1001tiff.jpgCherie Teamer is a graduate of Tulane University Law School. Teamer has been working in the areas of Politics, Realestate, and Family Law throughout her time as an attorney and political consultant. Teamer received her bachelors degree from Louisiana State University. During her time at Tulane University Law School she was selected to work in the criminal clinic. She also interned at the Harris County District Attorney’s Office and the New Orleans City Attorney’s Office.

Cherie’s Philosophy:

“One of the most significant issues I have run into in my small practice is the inability of low/moderate income clients to pay upfront costs. Many clients are in need of legal services and cannot pay large amounts upfront and alternatives need to be present. In my practice I give clients options for flexible payment plans in order to help them get the representation they need.”